Gail Chen

Gail received her Bachelors of Architecture from Rice University, where she was awarded the Rosemary Watkin Barrick Travel Fellowship and nominated for the Margaret Everson-Fossi Travel Fellowship. Her study and work experience in seven cities across three continents leads her academic work to focus on both the global and the local implication of architecture. She investigates established urban typologies and human patterns to produce programmatically, culturally, and geographically specific solutions for each project.

Before arriving at CONTENT, Gail worked for SCH/SH in Houston, KPF in New York, Neri & Hu in Shanghai, and participated in the 2016 Venice Biennale with the Present Future Studio. Her professional experience includes a masterplan for a mixed-use complex spanning seven city blocks in Tianjin’s central business district, a retail and hospitality project next to the Forbidden Palace in Beijing, and a Thai boutique hotel in Shanghai.

Her interest in the everyday is also carried out in numerous smaller scale projects such as playgrounds and gardens. One of the proposals won first place at a design charrette for a community garden serving the Rice University community. Many other schemes have been built in Shanghai as part of an international school serving students from K-6.